40-Day Sadhana Squad

Sadhana is a sanskrit word for daily spiritual practice. Join me for a 40 Day at home dedication to showing up for yourself on your mat and breakthrough negative habits that hinder you from channeling the expansiveness of possibilities in your life! Move forward in this time with strength and clarity.

These are not just pretty words to make the practice sound nice or re-label a workout. So here’s the deal…we live our life as a sum total of our habits – some cause happiness and health, otherssss…well, maybe some pain and darkness. It’s not always as easy as just having awareness of what needs to shift and a, “I will start/stop doing that tomorrow,” statement. In order to address and rewire our deeply routed habits we must approach our subconscious in a systematic and habitual way. This is exactly what dedicating to this experience will do – you will feel so elevated and know first hand that when you change your habits, everything around you will change. This is why yogis practice the same kriya and meditation for the same amount of time each day – it is the technology that aids our highest selves to thrive. 

 And guys! This is the first time ever that I’m opening up my home-based daily personal practice. I want to share it with you because I know it’s profound impacts! I have a deep love for all practices of yoga and fuse together the hatha physical practices I love dearly with the systematic technologies of Kundalini – this fusion of styles is unique and hard to find as a led class! I also know the discipline of a home-based practice can be really difficult so this system will provide you with accountability, community and lots of inspiration!