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Piper’s life took an instantaneous shift when she discovered yoga – with zero doubts, she committed to not only a life-long practice, but also a new career. Yoga was her catalyst to discover a joy untouched by circumstance and was called to use the blueprint of yoga to serve others. She set out to combine yoga, her craze of travel and her authentic concern for the matters of the human heart. Nearly a decade later, thousands of hours teaching in both the Pacific Northwest and around the world, having provided consultation for numerous studios and certified hundreds of teachers – she is the founder and academic director of Global Soul Yoga. Living a modern life and raising her family she has grounded a recipe to integrate yoga into your lifestyle - not just take some classes. Her classes and training programs are dynamic, challenging and uplifting as she fuses together Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Kundalini practices and she encourages us to live more globally and soulfully.

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